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Diablo Controls DSP-10 Parking Detector  Vehicle Loop Detector
Diablo Controls DSP-10 Parking Detector Vehicle Loop Detector
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Diablo Controls DSP-10 Parking Detector Vehicle Loop Detector

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Diablo DSP-10 Vehicle Detector

The Only Loop Detector You Will Ever Need!



The Diablo DSP-10 vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle all parking, drive-through and access control applications.


            Working on virtually any size loop, the Diablo DSP-10 automatically tunes itself to the best operating frequency. Environmental conditions are constantly compensated with the Diablo DSP-10 HYPERTRACK software.


            The Diablo DSP-10 inherent noise filtering algorithms allow it to work reliably in any electrical situation. It can be used as either a safety loop or free exit loop detector. With the flexibility to be either fail safe or fail secure, it is the only parking detector you will ever need.


The Diablo DSP-10 is available in three voltage ranges:

Diablo DSP-10-LV 10 to 30 Volts, AC or DC

Diablo DSP-10-117 117 Volts AC

Diablo DSP-10-230 230 Volts AC


With its compact size, front panel switch features, and built-in flexibility the DSP-10 is the most user friendly detector on the market today.




Sensitivity - Ten sensitivity settings.

Frequency Automatically tunes within one of four operating ranges.

Outputs - Two separate relay outputs with features that are front panel programmable as follows:

Output A - Main detection output. Can be modified by delay and extension. Factory

set to be fail safe. Fail mode operation is easily changeable by internal jumpers.

Output B - Can be set to one of the following:

1) True presence (no extension or delay)

2) Pulse on vehicle entering loop

3) Pulse on vehicle exiting loop

4) Loop Fail output

Sensitivity Boost - Can be used in special applications to insure complete detection of high-bed vehicles.

Hold time - Normal or extended hold time is selectable.

Loop failure - If the loop fails (opens or shorts) the power indicator flashes. Output B can also indicate this condition if desired (see above). The option to remember an intermittent loop failure is also provided.

Delay - Can be selected to ignore fast moving vehicles over the loop.

Extension - Extends a call for slow moving vehicles.



Loop Size - Works on any in-ground inductive loop from 20 to 1000 uH.

Fail Safe or Fail Secure Operation - Can be easily changed to either mode in the field.

Power Brownout Call Memory Power interruptions of short duration are ignored. If power fails for approximately three seconds or less the DSP-10 remembers a vehicle.

Intelligent Power Protection The DSP-10-LV is protected from damage if plugged into a higher voltage. No need to change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker, simply plug the detector into the proper voltage and it works.

Indicators - Separate Power/Fail and Detect LEDs.

Compact Size - Industry standard 11 pin connector in a small plastic case.

Customer Reviews
Rating Mr.
Very good quality. adjustable sensitivity is great for aging loops.
Reviewed by: from TN.. on 10/23/2014
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