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Diablo Controls DSP- 50 Plug-in Vehicle Loop Detector
Diablo Controls DSP- 50 Plug-in Vehicle Loop Detector
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Diablo Controls DSP- 50 Plug-in Vehicle Loop Detector

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The Diablo DSP-51AT detector can be configured to provide an output for tailgating vehicles or as an accurate vehicle counter. The detector has enhanced Anti-Tailgating features that allow the end user to select the allowed number of vehicles through a secured access. The enhancements are not only for tailgating but also for providing an accurate vehicle count output as a secondary feature. The Diablo DSP-51AT was designed for use with current typical loop configurations and sizes used throughout the industry. The simplicity of the set-up and operation allows the end user to implement the detector without special training devices.



The Diablo DSP-51AT is mainly a standard vehicle loop detector. But that s where the similarity ends. Its built-in secondary functions are exclusive anti-tailgating and vehicle counting software. The two modes are selectable from a front panel DIP switch. In the anti-tailgate mode, the software compares the signature versus the number of legal vehicles input. If there is any discrepancy, the secondary output is enabled indicating a tailgating incident. In the counting mode, the secondary output is pulsed once for every vehicle entering the loop system based on a proprietary signature algorithm.




This detector has a 10 position rotary sensitivity switch. The unit is shipped in the 5 position which is the normal sensitivity level. Sensitivity can be adjusted up and down from this level to accommodate different street loops.



The detector has a 6-position DIP switch to incorporate the following functions.

DIPSWITCHES 5 and 6 Frequency

One of four operating frequencies can be selected by changing these two switches.

DIPSWITCH 4 Failure Operation

OFF = Fail Safe operation.

ON = Fail Secure operation.

DIPSWITCH 3 Failure Output Polarity

OFF = Fail output low indicates loop failure

ON = Fail output high indicates loop failure

DIPSWITCH 2 Operating Mode

OFF = Anti-Tailgating Operation

ON = Counter Operation

DIPSWITCH 1 Anti-Tailgating Test

Toggle switch to indicate number of vehicles in inbound queue.




Green LED solid ON is power OK. Fast blink = Shorted loop.

Slow blink = Open loop circuit.


Red LED's OFF = No Detect. ON = Detect


Blue LED On = Output B On


Yellow LED OFF = Unarmed. ON = AT armed


Outputs - Three separate solid state (normally open collector) outputs 30 milliamps maximum and 20volts maximum.

Output pins (looking into the connector Right to left.)

1 Loop

2 Loop

3 Power input +

4 N/C

5 /AT input

6 Output B

7 Fail

8 Output A

9 Power input +

10 Power (and logic) Common

Operating Temperature - -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)


Power - 10 to 30 Volts D.C. ( 30 mA. max at 12 volts)


Enclosure - Impact resistant, high temperature plastic.

H - 2.375 (60.4 mm) W 0.86 (22 mm) D -2.25 (58mm)

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