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Diablo Controls DSP-50 Probe Kit  Vehicle Loop Detector - 100ft
Diablo Controls DSP-50 Probe Kit Vehicle Loop Detector - 100ft
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Diablo Controls DSP-50 Probe Kit Vehicle Loop Detector - 100ft

Item Id: Diablo-DSP-50-Kit-100
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Ultra Low Power Solar Friendly Plug & Play PULSE ONLY Micro Vehicle Probe

DML- 50LP-100ft Probe Kit Vehicle Loop Detector - 100 feat of length


The DSP-50LP vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle all parking, drive-through and access control applications. This device will work when connected to an embedded street loop or, (with a switch setting) the device will operate with a MiniLoop available from Diablo Controls.

The Diablo Controls Mini-Loop is a small pipe shaped device-approximately 5 by 3/4 and is designed to be buried in the ground to detect vehicles. Contact Diablo Controls for more information.

The DSP-50LP Probe Kit can be used as either a safety loop or free exit loop detector. With the flexibility to be either fail safe or fail secure, it is the most user friendly detector on the market today.


This detector has a 10 position rotary sensitivity switch. The unit is shipped in the 5  position which is the normal sensitivity level. Sensitivity can be adjusted up and down from this level to accommodate different street loops or MiniLoops .

Output Pins

(looking into the connector Right to left.)

1 Loop or MiniLoop.

2 Loop or MiniLoop.

3 Power input + .

4 N/C.

5 N/C.

6 Output B.

7 Output B reversed.

8 Output A.

9 Power input + .

10 Power (and logic) Common.


The detector has a 10 position Dip switch to incorporate the following detector functions.


Frequency - One of four operating frequencies can be selected by changing these two switches.


OFF = Inductive Loop operation. ON = MiiniLoop/Probe operation. *NOTE: When used with MiniLoop/Probe output is PULSE ONLY .


OFF = Normal Presence. ON = Extended Presence.

DIPSWITCH 6 and 5 (Effects output B only)

6 = OFF and 5 = OFF B outputs are normal presence outputs.

6 = OFF and 5 = ON B outputs Entry pulse.

6 = ON and 5 = OFF B outputs Exit pulse.

6 = ON and 5 = ON B outputs Fail condition.


OFF = Normal sensitive.

ON = Sensitivity Boost .


OFF = Fail Safe operation.

ON = Fail Secure operation.


2 = OFF and 1 = OFF A Output normal Presence.

2 = OFF and 1 = ON A Output = 2 seconds Delay.

2 = ON and 1 = OFF A Output = 2 seconds Extension.

2= ON and 1 = ON A Output = 5 seconds Extension.


Green LED solid ON is power OK. Fast blink = Shorted loop or MiniLoop Slow blink = Open loop circuit. 

Red LED s OFF = No Detect. ON = Detect. Slow blink = Timing Delay. Fast blink = Tming Extension.

Outputs - Three separate solid state (normally open collector) outputs 30 Milliamps Maximum and 20Volts Maximum.

Operating Temperature - -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)

Power - 10 to 30 Volts D.C. ( 30 Ma. Max at 12 Volts)

Enclosure - Impact resistant, high temperature plastic.

H - 2.375 (60.4 mm) W 0.86 (22 mm) D -2.25 (58mm)

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