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EDI LMA-1800-LP Low Power Loop Detector, EDI LMA-1800 Solar Compatible Loop Detector
EDI LMA-1800-LP Low Power Loop Detector, Solar Compatible Loop Detector
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EDI LMA-1800-LP Low Power Loop Detector, EDI LMA-1800 Solar Compatible Loop Detector

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EDI LMA-1800-LP Low Power Loop Detector, Solar Compatible Loop Detector





o Chamberlain/Elite SL3000, CSW200

o Advanced Access Automation CSL2000, CSW2000, RSW1000

o All-O-Matic SL100-DC, SL 150DC, OH 200DC, SW 300DC, SW350DC

o Intelligate Systems IQ500, IQ5000

o Linear (OSCO) SL & SW Series with APeX controller

o SECOM Late model operators with 10-pin Molex connectors

o Viking Access Models L-3, F-1, T-21, H-10, B-12, Q-4

Click Here for Interactive LMA-1800 Demonstration

 (This interactive demo requires Macromedia Flash capability to be installed on your computer.)


EDI s wide range of vehicle detection products help technicians save valuable time and maximize profits by quickly installing, accurately trouble-shooting, and reliably maintaining access control systems with easy to use hi-tech vehicle detectors that provide built-in set-up tools, frequency & sensitivity meters, and non-volatile diagnostic history, all of which are invaluable and always available Because they re built-in!


The LMA-1800-LP operates with extremely low power requirements making it suitable for solar and battery powered applications. Note that this product is only intended for applications requiring low operating current such as battery or solar powered designs. Performance characteristics are different than the standard LMA-1250 product.


Power Requirements:

Power consumption in the No Detect state is less than 8 milliamps.



The front panel 7-segment LED DEFLECTOMETERTM provides visual feedback and assistance for setting the correct sensitivity, reading the frequency of the loop, reporting Loop Faults, and indicating Delay & Extension Timing functions.


Sensitivity Meter:

With a vehicle over the roadway loop, the DEFLECTOMETERTM functions as a Sensitivity Meter. Automatic quantitative feedback of the loop system operation ensures the most optimum sensitivity level to detect ALL vehicles, including motorcycles and high-bed vehicles.


Frequency Meter:

Following power-up or reset, the DEFLECTOMETERTM will indicate the loop frequency of the loop & loop network. Keeping your loops separated by at least 5 KHz avoids crosstalk problems and future service calls


Ten (10) Levels of Sensitivity:

10 levels of sensitivity (0 to 9) can be easily set using the UP or DOWN push buttons.


One Model Covers ALL Low Voltages:

LMA-1800 operates on 12VDC, 24VDC, and 24VAC.


Advanced Loop Diagnostics:

The Loop Fault Monitor continually checks the integrity of the loops and will report and store 3 types of loop faults; Open Loops, Shorted Loops, and 25% sudden changes in inductance.


Loop Fault Memory:

The Loop Fault Memory uses internal Non-Volatile memory to store and display the current and previous loop faults utilizing the front panel Loop Fault LED and DEFLECTOMETERTM. A power loss or reset will not delete this memory. A MUST FOR TROUBLESHOOTING!


Call Output Memory:

The detector will not drop a Call state if power is lost for a minimum of 4 seconds or less.


2 Second Delayed Detection:

A 2-second CALL delay time can be provided via the program DIP switch.



? Automatic Tuning - Lightning & Surge Protection - Four (4) Frequency Levels - Compatible with ALL radio controls & remote openers - Sensitivity Boost - Fail Safe and Fail Secure Configurations - Separate Color-Coded LED indicators - Wide Loop Inductance Range: 20 to 2500 micro Henries.

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