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Linear SST00084 XT-4 4-Channel Stationary Mid-range Transmitter 10W 27MHz
Linear SST00084 XT-4 4-Channel Stationary Mid-range Transmitter 10W 27MHz
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Linear SST00084 XT-4 4-Channel Stationary Mid-range Transmitter 10W 27MHz

Item Id: LIN-XT4-SST00084
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Antenna Range [Required for New Installations]
Linear SST00084 XT-4 4-Channel Stationary Mid-range Transmitter 10W 27MHz
  • Up to 10 miles of line-of-sight range
  • RF transmit LED
  • Accepts four N/O or N/C inputs
  • Complete RF supervision, field enabled
  • Fully supervised (loop status, low battery, link integrity)
  • Weather-Resistant Case
  • Antenna (ANT-1A or ANT-2) not included
  • Power: 12 VDC
  • Codes: Over 64,000
  • RF frequency: 27.255 MHz
  • Dimensions: 4.25" W x 6.25" H x 2.5" D

The Model XT-4 4-Channel Stationary Mid-range Transmitter is designed for use in various wireless remote control applications. When triggered with an external switch, the Model XT-4 transmitter will send a 10 watt, 27.255 MHz, digital encoded, FSK modulated, signal to its companion receiver. The receiver will verify the digital code, activate its output, and trigger the remote device. 

The XT-4 transmitter has full supervision capabilities. If the status option is selected, the XT-4 sends hourly status signals to its receiver. If these signals cease, the receiver will indicate trouble by activating its status output after four hours. Contact supervision allows the receiver s outputs to follow the transmitter s inputs, staying activated as long as each transmitter input is activated. Alternately, an auto-restore option can be selected, causing a momentary receiver output each time any transmitter input is activated. Each input can be configured for either N/O or N/C contacts (switch selectable). 

Power for the XT-4 transmitter can come from an external regulated 12 VDC power supply (Linear Model T-1224DC) or from a 12-volt battery. A 3-amp fuse protects the unit from reverse power polarity. The XT-4 draws about 15 µA standby, and about two amps during transmissions. If the power supply voltage drops below 10.5 volts, a low battery message will be included with any signal transmitted, causing the receiver s low battery output to activate. 

Two antennas (sold separately) are available for the XT-4. The Model ANT-1A is an 7-inch rubber duck antenna for short range applications (less than 1 mile). The ANT-1A is supplied with a CON-180A (straight) connector to mate the antenna to the transmitter. For a right angle antenna mounting, use a CON-90A right-angle connector with the CON-180A. The Model ANT-2 is a 3-foot whip antenna for use in long range or difficult installations where more range from the XT-4 is required. A common 9-foot 1/4 wave CB whip antenna can also be used with the XT-4 for maximum range. 

Two 8-position switches set the unit s system code. This code must be matched in the XT-4 s receiver. There are 65,536 different system codes possible. The 4-position option switch selects the receiver s bank (for XR-16 receiver only), and options for status and auto-restore transmissions. 

The transmitter is housed in a rugged weather-resistant metal enclosure with a sturdy SO-239 antenna connector and a water-tight wiring strain relief bushing. During transmissions, the red operation indicator (visible through a window on the case) lights. If the XT-4 s input voltage is low, the indicator will blink during transmissions.

Part Number: SST00084

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