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Linear AK-11, ACP00748 Stand Alone Exterior Surface-mount Digital Keypad
Linear AK-11, ACP00748 Stand Alone Exterior Surface-mount Digital Keypad
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Linear AK-11, ACP00748 Stand Alone Exterior Surface-mount Digital Keypad

Item Id: LIN-ACP00748
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Linear AK-11, ACP00748 Stand Alone Exterior Surface-mount Digital Keypad

The Model AK-11 Exterior Digital Keypad is a digital keyless entry system designed for access control applications. The keypad is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure that can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to a wall. The die-cast keys have bright, easy-to-read yellow graphics.

Up to 480 entry codes, from 1 to 6 digits in length, can be programmed. They can activate either, or both, of the relay outputs. Relay #1 has a 5 Amp capacity. Relay #2 has a 1 Amp capacity. The relays can be set for timed or latch-on/latch-off toggle operation per each individual entry code. The on or off toggle state of a relay is maintained even after power interruption. When power is restored to the keypad, each relay will assume the state it was in when power was removed.

Two indicators show the status of the entry system. The left indicator lights red to indicate power, then turns green when access is granted. The right indicator lights yellow when the keypad is in lockout condition (from too many incorrect code entries). The keypad s courtesy light illuminates the keys. The light can be programmed to activate indefinitely, or for 1, 2, 3, or 4 minutes after the last key press, or not light at all. An internal sounder beeps when each key is pressed.

The DOOR SENSE/INHIBIT input can be used two ways. If programmed for door sense , a switch on the door detects forced entry or door ajar situations. If programmed for inhibit , the input can be wired to a service switch or automatic timer that will disable the Relay #1 when required.

The REQUEST-TO-ENTER input can be wired to a pushbutton or fire access keyswitch to provide codeless entry for authorized personnel. The anti-passback feature prevents using the same code twice before the programmed time elapses.

The ALARM SHUNT output activates when access is granted. This output can be wired to shunt alarm contacts on the access door/gate to prevent triggering of an alarm when authorized access occurs. Two solid state outputs, capable of switching 100 mA to common, are programmable to signal forced entry, door ajar, lockout, alarm circuit shunting, request-to-enter, and keypad active conditions.

The AK-11 is powered from a 12-24 Volt AC or DC source. Power can be obtained from the access device or a separate power supply. The EEPROM memory retains all entry codes and programming, even without power.


  • Self-contained keyless entry system ideal for airports, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, parking lots, and many other commercial facilities
  • Rugged, cast aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal
  • Four independent outputs and timers: two form C relays and two solid-state open collector outputs with unique programming per entry code
  • Up to 480 programmable input codes of one to six digits each for activating either or both relays
  • Two LED indicators show system status
  • Key operating features include: door sense input; inhibit input; request-to-exit input; alarm shunt output; timed anti-passback; and keypad lockout
  • Programmable courtesy light illuminates keypad for 1, 2, 3, or 4 minutes, or always on
  • Tactile and audible feedback
  • Keylock secures keypad to mounting backplate
  • 4? W x 5.5? H x 3? D

Order number: ACP00748

Dimensions:4.0? W x 5.5? H x 3.0? D (101.6 x 139.7 x 76.2 mm)
Voltage:12-24 Volts AC or DC (AC supply must be transformer isolated)
Current:10 mA typical, 150 mA maximum
Main Relay:Form C 5 Amps @ 28 Volts maximum
Auxiliary Relay:Form C 1 Amp @ 28 Volts maximum
Solid State Outputs:Short-to-common 100 mA @ 24 VDC maximum
Temperature:-22° F to +149° F (-30° C to +65° C)
Humidity:5% to 95% non-condensing
Accessories for use with the AK-11
GNB-1Burial Mount Gooseneck
GNC-1Curb Mount Gooseneck

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